1. Liberty Military Housing, Albany

Liberty Military Housing provides quality homes and communities for military families in Albany. Near the area is Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, offering various amenities and support services.

2. Woodcrest Subdivision, Georgia

Woodcrest Subdivision is a serene residential area known for its family-friendly environment. A popular establishment nearby is the Albany Mall, featuring diverse shopping and dining options.

3. Doublegate, Albany

Doublegate is an upscale neighborhood with elegant homes and a country club atmosphere. The Doublegate Country Club, with its golf course and fine dining, is a key attraction.

4. Sunnyland, Georgia

Sunnyland is a peaceful community known for its welcoming residents and suburban charm. The popular nearby establishment is the Flint RiverQuarium, an engaging educational attraction.

5. Acree, Georgia

Acree is a small, close-knit rural community with a relaxed pace of life. A notable nearby establishment is Mark’s Melon Patch, offering fresh produce and seasonal activities.

6. Perth Ct, Albany

Perth Court is a quiet, well-maintained residential area in Albany. A popular nearby spot is the Thronateeska Heritage Center, featuring a science museum and planetarium.

7. Rawson Park, Albany

Rawson Park is a historic neighborhood with charming older homes and lush greenery. The nearby Chehaw Park & Zoo is a favorite, offering family-friendly outdoor activities and wildlife exhibits.

8. Gillionville Forest

Gillionville Forest is a wooded residential area known for its natural beauty and tranquility. Albany State University West Campus, offering educational and recreational facilities, is nearby.

8. Radium Springs

Radium Springs is famous for its natural spring and scenic beauty. The Radium Springs Gardens is a popular destination, showcasing beautiful landscapes and crystal-clear waters.

10. Sherwood, Albany

Sherwood is a well-established neighborhood with a mix of traditional and modern homes. A key nearby establishment is the Albany Museum of Art, featuring diverse exhibits and educational programs.

11. Greenbrier, Albany

Greenbrier is a family-oriented community with a suburban feel. The nearby Albany Civic Center hosts concerts, sports events, and various community gatherings.

12. Merry Acres, Albany

Merry Acres is a historic district known for its charming architecture and community vibe. Merry Acres Inn, a popular local establishment, offers comfortable lodging and dining options.

13. Hidden Lakes, Georgia

Hidden Lakes is a picturesque area known for its lakeside views and serene environment. A notable nearby spot is the Flint River Golf Course, providing scenic golf experiences.

14. Rawson Circle, Albany

Rawson Circle is a historic neighborhood with distinctive architecture and a tight-knit community. The Albany Civil Rights Institute nearby highlights the city’s civil rights history.

15. Forest Ridge, Albany

Forest Ridge is a quiet, residential area with tree-lined streets and spacious homes. The nearby Turtle Grove Park is popular with families, offering playgrounds and picnic areas.