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      Epoxy Flooring Albany, Georgia

      Serving Our Albany Neighbors With The Following Flooring Services:

      Concrete Resurfacing

      What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

      A Closer Look At Our Time And Money Saving Services

      One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is what is concrete resurfacing? Well, the process of concrete resurfacing is actually quite simple and it gets the job done in most cases. Before we get into what concrete resurfacing is, we need to talk about the limitations of this service. Use these guidelines to make sure your concrete qualifies for this project:
      • Your concrete is in good structural condition. Concrete with structural damage cannot be repaired in most cases
      • Widespread cracking or spiderwebbing can be resurfaced if cracks are not large, causing concrete to slouch or hang
      • Brand new concrete can be resurfaced for added protection or to simply change its look
      Now that you know what to look for, what is concrete resurfacing? Concrete resurfacing is a process where we save your existing concrete. There will be no messy and noisy concrete removal all we use is our award-winning micro toppings! Our micro toppings make sure that all cracks and gouges are filled and that your concrete is level. After our micro toppings, we give you options from our decorative concrete coatings to our epoxy floor coatings depending where your concrete is placed. And just like that, your concrete is better than new!

      The Flooring Services We Provide In Albany

      A Closer Look At Our Most Popular Coatings

      As one of the top epoxy flooring providers in Albany, you should already know that our selection of epoxy flooring systems is unbeaten. But, our team of professional contractors has knowledge in most concrete coatings! We provide coatings ranging from epoxy to decorative overlays. Down below, you will find the most popular concrete coatings that we provide in Albany
      Garage Floor Epoxy
      Garage Floor Epoxy
      Garage floor epoxy is the residential settings most desirable concrete coating and here’s why:
      • Garage epoxies are incredibly easy to maintain with it’s seamless and nonporous surface providing protection from even the harshest stains
      • Garage epoxies are the best way to turn your damp, dark and plain garage into the envy of your neighborhood
      • Epoxies are also 100 percent waterproof, making them perfect for protecting against accidents such as busted pipes and flooding
      Metallic Epoxy
      Metallic Epoxy
      Metallic epoxy offers the most exotic finishes on the market as well as the following benefits:
      • Metallic epoxy flooring can be augmented with solvents and brushes to make the finish resemble clouds, waves, and even embers
      • Metallic epoxies are as durable as they are beautiful as they use the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as our industrial epoxy flooring
      • We are also one of the few contractors trained to install metallic epoxy floors!
      Rustic Wood Flooring
      Rustic Wood Flooring
      We think our rustic wood flooring is better than traditional hardwood flooring and here’s why:
      • Rustic wood flooring provides the same appearance of hardwood flooring with the only difference being the texture and increased durability
      • Our wood stamped concrete is much easier to maintain than hardwood as well with the only maintenance being replacing its sealer every 5-7 years!
      • To ensure that our wood concrete looks realistic as possible, we use real wood to make our stamps
      Industrial Epoxy Flooring
      Industrial Epoxy
      Industrial epoxy flooring is the choice flooring for industrial owners and property owners for these reasons:
      • Industrial epoxies offer a huge increase of weight capacity with a staggering allowance of 15,000 PSI compared to concretes standard 3,500 PSI tolerance
      • Industrial epoxy floors also offer amazing resistance to many harsh chemicals such as battery acid, degreasers, and harsh cleaners
      • The best part about epoxy floors is that they can last your facility 30 years!
      Commercial Industrial Epoxy Flooring
      Commercial Epoxy
      Commercial epoxy flooring has been the commercial industries most trusted flooring system for decades because:
      • Commercial epoxies are a flooring system that has been approved by the USDA for usage in sensitive facilities
      • With approval from the USDA, commercial epoxy has become the most versatile flooring system on the market, being used in facilities ranging from garages to restaurants
      • Commercial epoxies offer a seamless and nonporous surface that is extremely hygienic
      Stamped Concrete Overlay
      Stamped Concrete
      Stamped concrete is one of the most customizable flooring systems available today and here’s what they can do for you:
      • We offer a wide range of stamping patterns including natural stones, intricate paver patterns, and even cobblestone or slate finishes
      • We can even use stains to create highs and lows in the flooring, making it hyper-realistic
      • The best part about stamped concrete overlays is that they can be installed in as little as 2-3 days!
      Basement Epoxy
      Basement Epoxy
      Basement epoxy flooring should be your number one choice when choosing your basements flooring and here’s why:
      • Basement epoxies are one of the few flooring systems that won’t crack, warp or delaminate from the basement’s concrete when professionally installed
      • Basement epoxy can be used in the service of basement waterproofing, drastically decreasing humidity and moisture from the environment
      • Along with being waterproof, your basement epoxy flooring is resistant to mold and mildew
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      Decorative Concrete Driveways

      Curb Appeal For The Modern Home

      Has your concrete driveway become dilapidated through decades of use and constant exposure to the harsh elements? Don’t worry, concrete is prone to wear and tear through years of use from constantly expanding and contracting. What you should worry about is the distraught appearance of your concrete and what it is doing to the value of your home. Did you know that damaged concrete can drastically decrease the value of your home by up to 10 percent? Well, we have a way to get your concrete back on track!
      With our decorative concrete driveway coatings, not only will your driveway look better, it will be the envy of your neighborhood! We offer a wide selection of finishes including our stamped concrete, wood stamped concrete, brushed finishes and in some cases, we can even provide pavers. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to replacing your concrete, look no further!
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      Benefits Of Using An Epoxy Flooring System

      What Makes This Flooring So Reliable

      It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, business owner or property manager, epoxy flooring has endless benefits that can be implemented wherever you may be. We are the top epoxy floor provider in Albany so you can expect the best performance from your epoxy! Down below, you will find the top benefits of using an epoxy floor coating:
      Epoxy Floor Coating
      • Epoxy floors are the most durable floor coatings on the market with resistance to dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and even the use of heavy machinery is tolerated by epoxy.
      • Along with unmatched durability, our epoxy flooring offers superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals. For example, epoxy can defend against the adverse effects of spilled gasoline, battery acid and even industrial degreasers without ever showing the flooring has made contact with any of these chemicals
      • In residential settings, when using an epoxy floor coating your home can see a drastic increase of value ranging anywhere from 3-5 percent in increase.
      • Homeowners and business owners alike love how long an epoxy coating can last. Our professionally installed epoxies have the ability to last 20-30 years with the proper maintenance
      • On the topic of maintenance, it is very fast, almost carefree! The seamless surface of epoxy makes sweeping and mopping a breeze and will never require any waxes or polishes

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        Why Choose Us?
        As the top epoxy flooring and concrete coating provider in the Albany area, we only have one goal in mind, providing the best possible finishes for our neighbors! Wondering why we are the top-rated contractor in Albany? Well, down below we have outlined the guidelines that we follow no matter who we are working for:
        Quality Materials
        We promise to only use the highest grade materials at our disposal. Unlike the other contractors in Albany, you will never find us at the local home improvement store picking up materials to coat your concrete. Our licenses give us access to industry-changing materials and we intend to use them!
        Honest Opinions
        Unlike other contractors in the Albany area, we are dedicated to making sure that your concrete gets what’s best for its current state. For example, we would recommend concrete resurfacing for concrete that is falling apart. We want to make sure that our finishes provide lasting benefits for the decades to come.
        We promise to always be punctual for your project. We make our timelines with room to account for any accidents or weather changes that may occur during the timeframe of your project. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that you can count on us to provide the best finishes in Albany!