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Has your pool decking seen better days? Are you stressed out about how you can get your pool deck safe and ready for the heavy use that comes with summertime? Where other contractors will try to push you in the direction of having your entire pool deck replaced, let us save you some time and money! How? With pool deck resurfacing of coarse! Pool deck resurfacing is the new way to get a pool deck that is:
Our team offers:
  • Safer
  • More Durable
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Provide A Better Atmosphere
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Benefits Of Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

While pool deck resurfacing is one of the best ways to get your concrete pool deck back to its former glory, resurfacing your concrete offer more than just an aesthetic upgrade. Benefits are ranging from safer finishes to a longer-lasting concrete slab. Down below, you will find the top benefits of resurfacing your pool decking:
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Long-Lasting Concrete

By resurfacing your pool deck, you are giving your concrete the chance to serve you decades longer and here’s how:
  • By covering cracks, you are restoring structural integrity to the slab that it has lost
  • Another benefit of covering cracks is that no moisture will be able to reach under the slab and wash away supporting soils
  • By covering your concrete with a concrete coating, you are protecting your concrete from UV rays that lead to deterioration
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Enhanced Safety

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners choose to resurface their pool decking is the safety implementations that we can provide such as:
  • All of our concrete coatings provide amazing slip and skid resistance with their natural finish or with additives that can be placed in the seal coat
  • With a freshly resurfaced pool deck, you won’t have to worry about cracks or gouges providing tripping hazards
  • A freshly resurfaced pool deck can even make the deck up to 30 degrees cooler
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Increased Durability

Your pool deck has to deal with some very harsh conditions, especially during summer and with pool deck resurfacing, you can make that a thing of the past:
  • A fresh coating will protect your pool decking from degrading due to constant exposure to UV rays, chemicals, and heavy foot traffic
  • By covering your concrete, you are also decreasing the likelihood that old or new cracks will emerge
  • By using thick coatings like stamped concrete, you are protecting your pool deck from impacts and other accidents
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Rapid Turnaround

Our team of professional concrete resurfacing contractors know how to get your project done with haste so here is a general outline of what to expect:
  • Stamped concrete has the ability to cure very fast so most resurfacing projects with this material can take 3-5 days
  • Depending on the size of your pool deck, type of pavers and pattern, pavers can take up to 5 days to install
  • Kool decking needs to be applied to fresh concrete so the process usually takes 3-4 days with paint
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Improved Comfort

Along with all of the other amazing features of pool deck resurfacing, you can even see an increase of comfort while using your pool deck with features like:
  • By deflecting harsh UV rays, not only will your decking be cooler to the touch, there will be less glare and more visibility while using the decking
  • With a fresh coating, you will also feel more comfortable walking across your decking as it will improve slip and skid resistance
  • The decking will also be mentally calming with its beautiful aesthetics
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Investment Factors

What most homeowners love about resurfacing their pool decking is the amazing investment that the process offers, such asL
  • Resurfacing your concrete will give it the ability to prolong its service life over the average 25-30 years lifecycle of concrete
  • When homes have a pool deck resurfaced, they have seen an increase in the value of the home by up to 5%
  • With any of our beautiful concrete coatings, you can see a return of investment up to 70%!
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Choosing Your New Pool Decking

Our Most Popular Coatings

What makes us one of the top-rated contractors in Albany is our wide selection of coatings and down below, you will find our most popular concrete coatings:
  • Stamped concrete is a viable option for pool decking for its ability to mimic natural materials like stone, pavers and even slate
  • Kool decking has been one of the most trusted coatings since the early 1970s and we are trained to install it
  • Pavers have been a popular coating as they provide a naturally durable and stain-resistant finish that can be improved with sealers
  • We can even install the brand new graveled epoxy on select pool decking with its rocky finish and durable finish, you will never use another pool decking!
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Reliable Pool Deck Resurfacing
Albany, Georgia
If you are ready for a pool decking that will completely transform your backyard into your own personal oasis, you have come to the right place! Our team of concrete resurfacing contractors is ready to help you every step of the way! Want to get your project started ASAP? Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote!
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The Versatility Of Concrete Resurfacing

Not Just For Your Pool Deck

concrete pool deck resurfacing
If you thought that pool deck resurfacing was only for your concrete pool deck, you couldn’t have been any more wrong! Concrete resurfacing is one of the best ways to get any concrete you have back to its former glory, if not better! We pride ourselves on the range of concrete that our contractors can resurface and down below, you will find a couple of examples of what we can do:
  • Driveway resurfacing is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home with stamped concretes or other decorative concrete
  • Commercial resurfacing is the best way to introduce your facility to the industry-changing commercial epoxy flooring system, which is approved by the USDA
  • We can even resurface your homes interior concrete with any of our coatings to make your home better than ever
  • Patio and walkway resurfacing have seen a staggering 70% ROI when done professionally

You Can Count On Us!

Concrete Coatings You Can Rely On

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If you are having your pool deck resurfaced, you just don’t want any untrained contractor taking over your project, you want a professional contractor that you can rely on to get it done right. With us, you can always rely on that we will do exactly that. This is because our company follows a set of principles that separates us from the rest. Down below, you will find out why we are Albany’s top-rated pool deck resurfacing company:
  • We promise to only use the best materials at our disposal. They all come from providers that require licenses to obtain
  • We will never rush your project along to get it done faster. We will take the timeline we have provided to you to ensure you get the best finished product possible
  • We are one of the few companies to still give free quotes, so call now!