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As the leading industrial epoxy installers in the Albany, Georgia area, we offer the best performing materials for all flooring in any industrial setting! Our technicians have decades of combined experience and are here to service you in anything that you need. As a company we offer:
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Instant installation
  • Affordable prices
  • High-end materials
  • Long-lasting floors
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About Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial-grade epoxy floors are having a huge surge in popularity as more and more people discover how amazing these floors truly are! An epoxy floor in an industrial surface is far better than anything that could ever be installed! To learn more, keep reading!
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Health Code Approved

Even though the USDA and the FDA do not formally endorse any brand or flooring company, they do acknowledge that epoxy industrial floors are incredible because they check all of the boxes needed in to be approved for health codes and safety codes!
  • Industrial epoxy floors are mold and mildew resistant
  • Industrial epoxy floors are hypoallergenic
  • Industrial epoxy floors are uninhabitable by harmful bacteria
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Safety First

When you work in an environment that has different features like machinery, liquids, chemicals, and people the odds of accidents happening are extremely high. If accidents are bound to happen, you need a flooring system that makes the probability a little lower!
  • Industrial epoxy floors are slip-resistant
  • Industrial epoxy floors increase visibility over 300%
  • Industrial epoxy floors do not absorb harmful chemicals, making them easy to dispose of quickly
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Maintenance Made Easy

In a busy environment, no one wants to spend their time worrying about the floors they’re walking on! With an industrial epoxy flooring system, you never have too. Epoxy floors remain intact as you continue with your workday in any industrial setting.
  • No deep cleans needed
  • Waxes, cleaners, and special products are a thing of the past
  • Simply sweep, mop, or hose down
industrial grade epoxy floor coating

Resistant to All

Industrial epoxy floors are heavy-duty high-performing floors for a reason! These floors are incredibly resistant to every day of industrial life. With a floor that requires almost no maintenance and its incredible resistance to damages, it is no wonder why owners love these floors.
  • Impact-resistant
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Stain and chemical-resistant
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Now wait, do you need a floor that can be customized in an industrial setting? YES! Epoxy floors are great to use when you want to designate workspaces, fix the flow of traffic, and help with the mood of the facility. Colors can change a lot of how space works and flows.
  • Choose different colors for the morale of the areas
  • Choose different designs to designate work zones
  • Choose different patterns to manage traffic flow and reduce accidents
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Quickly Installed

There is no way you can close down your facility for extended periods for the installation and drying process of most flooring systems today. Good news for you, epoxy floors are not going to interrupt your production line for more than is 100% necessary.
  • 24-72 hours of installation and drying
  • Liquid cures quickly
  • Temperatures help speed up the installation process
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Albany, Georgia
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Installation

What does installation look like?

The great thing about an epoxy flooring system is that it does not take very long to install but it is incredibly durable. Our general installation process is as follows, but it is important to note that the condition of your concrete surface and the temperature outside can all have serious effects on how we do things!

  • Our professionals will first inspect your floors and note any coatings or damages
  • Cracks, spalling, and damages will be repaired
  • Coatings, paints, or old waxes will have to be thoroughly removed
  • The temperature outside and inside will be checked
  • Moisture levels will be tested
  • The area will be cleaned off and emptied of any foreign objects
  • Your floor will undergo grinding to open up the concrete’s pores
  • Epoxy industrial flooring will be applied
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Industrial Epoxy Floors
Albany, Georgia
Our industrial applications are here for you and all of your needs. Do not wait and do not hesitate because we offer the best epoxy flooring applications.
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What kind of industries?

There are more where those came from

industrial epoxy flooring systems
Our industrial-grade epoxy floors have been installed in different types of facilities all producing and all needing completely different things. That just adds to our materials ability to be versatile! Some of the industries our professionals have serviced include:
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical and packing
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Showrooms

Affordable to Maintain

It’s quick and it is easy

epoxy floor coatings industrial
Industrial areas tend to get dirty and, in that time, no one wants to spend every spare second cleaning an area that will continuously be dirty. Epoxy industrial floors make this so much easier! Here you do not have to worry about your floors being difficult to clean because your floors are can easily and affordably be swept away.
  • Do not spend money and expensive cleaners and products
  • Your industrial floor will last for two or more decades with simple sweeping and hosing down
  • Our materials finish seamlessly and do not cause any issues with hiding dirt or liquids