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Looking for a flooring system for your commercial facility that can both provide amazing performance while subsiding with the harsh conditions of your commercial facility? Need a versatile flooring system that can endure the different processes that your facility goes through? Well it sounds like our commercial epoxy flooring system is exactly what you need with features including:
  • USDA Approval
  • Slip And Skid Resistance
  • Extreme Durability
  • Ability To Be Cleaned With Ease
Want to find out why commercial epoxies are the industry’s leading flooring system? We have all you need to know and more down below!
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Benefits Of Using Garage Floor Epoxy

Want to know why commercial epoxy is the most used flooring system in the commercial industry? Well, to make it plain and simple, commercial epoxies simply offer more benefits than other flooring systems can provide for said facilities. Down below, you will find all of the amazing benefits that commercial epoxies have to offer:
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USDA Approved

Commercial epoxies are one of the few flooring systems that have been approved by the USDA and here’s why:

  • Offers a seamless and nonporous finish that is extremely hygienic and can be cleaned rapidly
  • The crack and the crevice-free surface of the floor offers no place for germs and bacteria to avoid being cleaned
  • Epoxies surface is also extremely durable, so scratches and abrasions are extremely unlikely to happen in high traffic areas
commercial epoxy floor coating

Extreme Durability

Commercial epoxy floor coatings use the 100 percent solid epoxy base, which is the strongest base on the market and here’s what it can do:

  • Resist physical damage from an assortment of sources such as impacts from dropped objects, heavy foot or vehicle traffic and even heavy vibrations from heavy-duty equipment
  • The ability to resist damage from moisture as it is a 100 percent waterproof floor coating
  • Resist damage from fire and even electrical damage
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Ease Of Maintenance

Epoxies are also one of the easiest floor coatings on the market to maintain, so here is what you should expect:

  • Will never require the use of waxes or polishes for maintenance, can be used for looks but not for maintenance
  • The only tools you will need for maintenance is a soft bristle broom and a wet mop
  • In commercial garages, a hose can be used to wash down the epoxy when heavily soiled
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Superior Customization

Another amazing feature of using epoxy is the wide range of customization that the floor coating offers including:

  • We offer a wide range of color choices, the ability to use single-colored and multi-colored flakes and even the use of metallic pigments to craft metallic epoxies
  • For backrooms and warehouses, we also offer the ability to use stencils to craft arrows, text and even walkways or vehicle paths
  • You can even install your logo directly into your flooring
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One of the biggest reasons that commercial facilities make the switch to commercial epoxy is its safety which includes:

  • The ability to make your facility up to 150 percent brighter; especially when using lighter colors, without the assistance of additional lighting sources
  • With this superior light reflection, tripping hazards will be much easier to spot on the flooring
  • Epoxy offers amazing traction on its own but additives can be used to make the flooring easier
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Chemical Resistant

One of commercial epoxy’s best features is its superior chemical resistance which means that you can expect the following from your flooring:

  • Damage resistance from harsh chemicals such as degreasers, cleaners, and even acids
  • Easy cleanup of chemical spills as they will be isolated on the seamless and nonporous surface of the epoxy
  • Isolating chemicals on its surface will make contamination of the environment through your concrete next to impossible
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Applications Of Commercial Epoxy

The Industries Most Versatile Flooring

Commerical epoxies are one of the most versatile flooring systems on the market and that is why you see so many facilities using these coatings. There is just so much to gain from using an epoxy coating and with the approval from the USDA, there has never been a better time to use one. Are you not sure if your facility can fully utilize a commercial grade epoxy? Well down below, we have outlined the top settings that epoxies are used in and why:
  • Warehouses use epoxy for its astounding 15,000 PSI weight tolerance compared to concretes 3,500 PSI tolerance
  • Medical facilities use epoxy for its ability to resist damage from the harsh cleaners used to disinfect areas
  • Retail centers need epoxy for its ability to stand up to high traffic areas without showing signs of wear and tear
  • Restaurants love epoxy for its safe finish, providing ample slip and skid resistance
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring
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Are you ready for a flooring system that has the ability to outperform all other commercial flooring options and look attractive while doing it? As Albany’s top commercial epoxy floor coating provider, we are proud to serve our neighbors! Want a revolutionary flooring system that is a commercial epoxy? Then give us a call today, we will provide a free, no-obligation quote!
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The Installation Process Of Commercial Epoxy

Fast And Efficient

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One of the biggest advantages that commercial epoxy has over other traditional commercial flooring systems is the speed in which the coating can be installed. With different facilities come different obstacles but our team of contractors has more than experience to overcome them with ease. With that being said, down below you are going to find the typical time frames for the different epoxies:
  • When using 100 percent solid epoxy based epoxy, depending on the size of your facility, your facility will be finished in 3-5 days
  • For water-based epoxies, you will find that installation times increase due to higher dry time resulting in a 5-6 day process
  • We can work in sections so your facility can stay open during installation

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We are Albany’s top-rated commercial epoxy provider for a reason and it all goes back to the fact that we simply care about all of our clients. We don’t plan you being our client only once, our goal isn’t to be only Albany’s epoxy flooring provider, but your epoxy provider. Down below, you will find the other reasons why we are a top-rated company:
  • Our pricing points are much more reasonable than other contractors in Albany
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